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News In a Nutshell | May 25, 2021

National Institute of Food & Agriculture Accepts National Peanut Board and The Peanut Research Foundation Research Topic

USDA’s National Institute of Food & Agriculture (NIFA) has accepted a joint proposal from the National Peanut Board and The Peanut Research Foundation that will qualify for dollar-for-dollar matching funds for an approved research project in the amount of $500,000. With completion of the mapping of the peanut genome, a next important step is to link key traits in peanut plants with genetic markers, which will make breeding more precise and faster. NIFA has issued a call for proposals to the research community for the research topic, “Use phenotyping to identify marker-trait associations in the peanut core collection to expand the utilization of marker-trait associations for yield improvement.”


NIFA requires a letter of support from the National Peanut Board before considering proposals. Applicants should submit their entire application to for consideration and to obtain a letter of support for the proposal.


National Peanut Board Launches Grow It Yourself Campaign with Plant Kween and Apartment Therapy

This past year has helped many people appreciate all the things we can do ourselves – including growing plants. To celebrate the GIY lifestyle (and consideration for peanuts and peanut butter), NPB developed a fun-loving consumer-focused campaign to teach young Millennials and Gen Z how to grow peanuts at home in a container garden. 


The promotion ran May 10-19 and centered around a partnership with Instagram influencer Christopher Griffin, aka @PlantKween, who has more than 331,000 Instagram followers who look to them for plant inspiration and self-care tips. 


Like many Millennials and Gen Z’s, this was Christopher’s first time growing a peanut, and his enthusiasm was contagious. On May 12, Christopher offered his fans the opportunity to receive a greeting card with their own peanut seed. Each registered fan received one greeting card from Plant Kween and another one to gift to a friend – because GIY is always more fun when it is shared.


In addition to Plant Kween’s audience, the activation also utilized earned and paid media. The program officially launched with a 20-minute Instagram LIVE interview between Christopher and an editor from Apartment Therapy, a digital site with a one billion monthly reach. Christopher walked the editor through planting her own peanut and the duo took questions from the LIVE audience.


We encourage you to engage in the conversation by leaving your own peanut growing tips and experiences using the hashtag #GrowPeanuts or by checking out @PeanutsHere, @PlantKween and @ApartmentTherapy on Instagram.


For more information on the campaign and to see 8 simple steps to grow your own peanuts at home, click here!


Peanut Allergy Prevention Through Early Introduction Online Course

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a new online course through PediaLink. The free online course is eligible for Continuing Medical Education and Maintenance of Certification Part 2 credit.


Over the last decade, research has led the way toward big shifts in recommendations about infant feeding to prevent peanut allergies. Starting with the Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) Study and the change in the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans, research shows many pediatricians still do not understand or embrace as the standard of care the early introduction of peanut foods. If they are aware, they may struggle with fitting the discussion into a visit. As a result, they may not effectively equip parents to prevent peanut allergies with this simple intervention.


Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  Describe why the food introduction guidelines were changed.

  Prepare to discuss potential barriers to the early introduction of peanut foods.

  Identify infants who require evaluation prior to the introduction of peanut protein.

  Recognize the signs, symptoms, and treatment options of an allergic reaction.

  Explain early peanut protein introduction to parents and how to prepare infant-friendly peanut-containing foods.

  Effectively respond to common parental concerns regarding early introduction of peanut-containing foods.

To find out more information, click here.


Chef Asha Gomez

The food I put on a plate brings together the culinary roots of two special places where genuine hospitality and meaning are crucial ingredients. These two Souths - the Southern tip of India and Georgia here in the US are over nine thousand miles apart and would seem to be in separate universes. Surprisingly, I have found their shared aspects - a warm humid climate, abundant produce varieties, expanses of rice acreage, and busy coastal communities along with a spirit of sharing, a gift for entertaining and storytelling, a talent for creating bounty out of an often-modest pantry, and a sincere embrace of simplicity, blend easily in my South by South cuisine. These combined southern cultures, which value gathering family and friends around a festive table, and my abiding appreciation of the expressive capabilities of cherished foods are the touchstones of my cuisine.


Over the years, I’ve traveled around the world and cooked in kitchens around the globe. Much of my cooking has found inspiration in these international influences.


Peanuts, like rice, are a universal ingredient found in cuisines all over the world. It transcends boundaries of class, status, and cultural limitations. I’m often amazed at the humble peanut and its versatility. My youngest recollection of peanuts is going to the beach at the age of five, waiting in line for the street hawker who roasted peanuts in an iron skillet over a wood fire. It was the highlight of my trip to the beach. Fast forwarding to adult years here in Georgia, excitedly finding boiled peanuts on roadside stalls off the highway. Needless to say, it’s been a lifelong love affair with peanuts.


Recently, the National Peanut Board asked me to develop three recipes for the Global Plant Forward Summit at the Culinary Institute of America. We had people from all over the world join in on the virtual session and it was heartwarming to share my love of peanuts - their nutritional properties and the delicious dishes we can make with them. We made a salad with Thai peanut dressing using peanut butter, highlighting a simple pantry ingredient that is readily available in all our kitchens.


See the recipes Asha created here.


Immerse Yourself in a Day on a Peanut Farm

Join farmer Thomas Adams and his dog Lacey as they begin their peanut harvest in Southeast Alabama. Envelop yourself in the warm fall sunshine and take a 360-degree look around as you stand in the middle of a peanut field. Imagine the smell of warm dirt and fresh peanuts as the digger plows them from the earth. Watch as the combine rakes up thousands of peanuts and drops them from an elevator into a trailer waiting to take them for processing. Finish the day with a sense of accomplishment in a job well done as the sun sets over the empty fields, ready for next year’s planting. 


Watch the 360-degree video experience here.


Recipe Created by Asha Gomez

Asha likes to mix all the ingredients in a mortar/pestle (it takes time and is a labor of love). You can also just add all the ingredients to a blender and blend it to a creamy consistency. 

Mix all the salad ingredients in a bowl. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss. Top the salad with the roasted peanuts.

Get the ingredients here!


National Peanut Board Calendar for  

May 31 -June 30, 2021

American Society of Nutrition Conference (Virtual)

June 7-10
UMass Chef Culinary Conference (Virtual) June 8-10
National WIC Association Conference (Virtual) June 15-17 
American Association of Nurse Practitioners (Virtual)  June 15-Aug. 31
 National Association of School Nurses (Virtual) June 21-25
USA Peanut Congress (New Orleans, LA)  June 28-July 1

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